Money Heist definitely found a lot of takers for the plot and the performances. Surely, this has made people want more of it. Of course, Indian audiences have been asking themselves how it would be if Indian actors were to enact Money Heist. It would have been nice to get a stamp of approval from the makers right? 

What if we told you we've heard it from the horse's mouth? Money Heist director Alex Rodrigo has revealed which Indian actors would be best suited for specific roles in Money Heist. There's been enough speculation, now it's getting real. 

Money Heist (Indian cast)

Money Heist director picks Indian cast for popular Netflix show

As we wait for the fifth season, there's been much speculation about who would make perfect matches to specific roles in the Emmy award-winning series. Of course, in an interview, Ayushmann Khurrana likened himself to the Professor, and since then there has been a debate, for all those wishing for an Indian series. 

Indian actors have talent no doubt, so definitely given the task to make an Indian Money Heist, they might rise to the occasion. We can think of numerous actors who could pull off those roles. Still, Alex Rodrigo the creator of Money Heist, would know better than anybody else who can play those characters. 

In his recent interview with Behindwoods, Alex spoke about the show and also revealed who in the Indian film industry could pull off the heist. The man behind Money Heist revealed that Ayushmann Khurrana would have made a good addition to the cast. When given six actors and made to identify roles for them, his choices were interesting. 

Alex chose Thalapathy Vijay for the role of Professor claiming that he looks intelligent. He then chose Mahesh Babu for the role of Tamayo the member of Spanish intelligence. Interestingly he picked Shah Rukh Khan for the character of Berlin for his looks and intelligence as well. Ajith he believed would make a good Bogota. Ranveer Singh he said would make a good Denver, and perhaps there's a resemblance there. Tamil superstar Suriya was chosen for the role of Police inspector Suarez. 

With this sprawling star cast, some would say little could go wrong. Still, we haven't covered the whole list of roles in the show, for now, this will suffice. After this, it would be a shame to not have an Indian version of the show. After expectations are raised, how can you expect Indian audiences to leave everything to their imagination?