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Hrithik RoshanVarinder Chawla

With "Mohenjo Daro" failing to live up to the hype, in the process underperforming at the box office, it is not shocking to learn that Hrithik Roshan doesn't want to leave anything to chance. Apparently, the actor shot for scenes of "Kaabil" while running a temperature and now that it has escalated, he has been advised bed rest.

As the superstar recuperates in the comforts of his plush home, there have been strong murmurs that his absence on the sets has caused the makers considerable amount of loss. According to a BollywoodLife report, the makers of "Kaabil" are losing as much as Rs. 12 lakh per day due to his absence.

Apparently, he excuses himself from work often and has been losing his temper, the web portal further reported. Rumour has it, Hrithik has been throwing tantrums lately.

However, the Times of India has reported that in Hrithik's absence, "Kaabil" director Sanjay Gupta has filmed scenes that do not require the actor and will continue to do so until the star returns from his 5-day break.

"Kaabil" is scheduled to open in theatres on Jan.26, 2017, a date that has been locked by the producers of Shah Rukh Khan's "Raees" too. Although clashes have become common place and celebrities have begun taking them in their stride, they are never really healthy in terms of business.

A while ago, there were strong murmurs that the makers of "Kaabil" would push their film to another date and let "Raees" enjoy a solo release. However, stories were quashed by producer-director Rakesh Roshan, who said "Kaabil" will open in theatres on Republic Day, as planned.

From what has been reported so far, "Kaabil" is a revenge drama, in which Hrithik's character sets out to avenge the death of his lady love (to be played by Yami Gautam).