Rustom and Mohenjo Daro
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A number of important scenes from the movie "Mohenjo Daro" and "Rustom" have been leaked online. Although piracy has not yet hit the full movie, certain crucial scenes from both the Hrithik Roshan- and Akshay Kumar-starrer are already available online to be watched for free.

Both "Mohenjo Daro" and "Rustom" were released on Aug. 12 and are having a box office fight. While Bollywood movies generally get leaked on various torrent sites that offer options of free download as well, scenes leaked from these two movies are available on YouTube.

The much talked about kissing scene between Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde is easily available on multiple YouTube channels. Also, the scene in which Hrithik fights with a crocodile in "Mohenjo Daro" can be watched online now. However, quality of the videos is not very good.

Reports also suggest that some important scenes from Akshay's "Rustom" have also been leaked online. Some channels have reportedly uploaded the chess sequence, courtroom drama and also one romantic scene between Ileana D'Cruz and Arjan Bajwa from "Rustom."

It is not certain whether the scenes were recorded from a theatre or were snipped from pirated DVD versions and later uploaded on YouTube. Piracy has always been a major problem in Bollywood and this menace has apparently grown more since the recent past. After "Udta Punjab" was leaked online, "Great Grand Masti" suffered the same two weeks before the film's release. The adult comedy turned out to be a flop at the box office and it was assumed that the online leak of the movie was the reason for its poor commercial run.

There were reports that "Kabali" had also become a victim of piracy. The makers of Rajinikanth-starrer later confirmed that the film was not leaked online. However, the introductory scene of "Kabali" was made available on the internet and that apparently had worked in favour of the producers as craze around the film was increased.

While some of the Hindi films were leaked online just a day of its release, some others become victim of piracy even before the official release, causing even more loss for the producers. Although these leaked scenes from "Rustom" and "Mohenjo Daro" are not likely to affect business of the films, makers of the two movies should give due attention so that full movie does not get available online.