In his latest blog, Malayalam superstar has apologised for the hunger of tribal kids in the Peravoor village of Kannur district.

The actor, who is back from his holiday in London, shared his thoughts after coming across a news report that carried the photo of young tribal boys eating food from a waste disposal area.

The shocking photo disturbed the actor, forcing him to comment on the issue on Saturday, 21 November.

Read the translated version of his blog "Regretful apology for this hunger" below:

"I was holidaying in London and on arrival I went through the newspapers, which was filled with election news. That's when I noticed the page one news of 'Mathrubhumi' on tribal kids eating waste food in the Peravoor village of Kannur. The article also carried a photo of young children eating waste food. I was uncomfortable after reading it," he wrote on the blog.

"As part of my acting career, I have stayed with tribes many times, especially during the shooting of 'Uyarum Njan Nadaake' and 'Kalapani', among other films. I was always fascinated by their life and that's why I felt sad after reading the news article.

"There are many schemes, departments and officials for the well being of tribals, but still these people come to towns to eat wasted food. From ministers to a common man like me, we are responsible for this situation. None of us are sincere. We should find out why these kids go through these difficulties despite there being many government schemes for their upliftment.

"As I have said before, each one of us is responsible for their condition, as many of us waste a lot of food each day that is more than enough to fill their tummy. You just have to observe your surroundings to understand it.

"Once I went to a famous hotel in Singapore, where they cook food as per our requirements. When I asked them for the bill, they asked if I had wasted anything, since we have to pay extra for that. This system must be introduced everywhere, and this photo of the tribal boys having food from the waste must be framed in every hotel and home to promulgate the value of food.

"Meanwhile, even after the news came out, shockingly, nobody reacted to it, no one else carried the news as they were busy covering elections, the bar bribery case, the minister's resignation and all. Even the new media, which creates uproar over every issues, failed to notice the news.

"We all dream of a time that is free from poverty. Will that ever happen?

"Seeing the shocking photo of young boys filling their stomach with waste food, I express deep regrets as a human being, as a Malayali and as a person who enjoys eating. For being a part of this crime, I am apologise to the entire human race," he wrote, signing it: "With love, Mohanlal".