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Malayalam actor Mohanlal is in all praise for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mohanlal wrote about the Prime Minister's speech on Teacher's Day in his blog and said Modi's speech was thought-provoking and inspiring.

The writing, which was tiltled as "Ethics in Work; Aesthetics in Honesty", focused on the need of honesty and commitments in ones work and how it leads to ones success. The lack of honesty and commitments has led to the poor state of functioning and governance in Kerala.

Mohanlal was inactive in his blog for past few weeks. This is his first post after a long time.

"I had to take rest for a few days due to leg ache and that is when our Prime Minister had conversations with 18 lakh students on the Teacher's day. Next day, I read about the speech in detail in the newspapers. Among the questions asked by many students, I liked the one in which the Prime Minister was asked whether he ever dreamt of becoming Prime Minister in the future. His answer to that was even more fascinating. He said he never dreamt of becoming the Prime Minister, that his background was simple and had never even been a school monitor. He also added that instead of dreaming of becoming someone, one should dream of doing things with lots of sincerity. Keep doing things and one day you will become successful. In this way, you will enjoy the things you do," wrote Mohanlal

Mohanlal said that the Prime Minsters answer to the young student a had lot of dimensions. The actor pointed out that the today's youngsters opt for the easy way to success and are ready to do anything without even considering the ethics and Prime Ministers answer was a reply to such people.

The actor also noted that the lack of sincerity is the root cause of all evil including poor governance, communal riots, corruption and poor public management systems. He asserted on making honesty and commitment being part of one's culture and social life.

"The only job that I am doing for past the 36 years is acting. Acting has been my bread winner and it still continues to be the same. I have always made sure to work with complete sincerity. Failures are also facts as some of the films failed to make a mark in the business. I have also given myself completely to those films which were tagged as failed films. Even at this 36th year of my film career, I approach each film of mine as if it is my first film and that is why I enjoy acting to the maximum," said Mohanlal

Mohanlal concluded his write-up by saying that Narendra Modi's speech was the best ever that was given to our coming generations and hoped that they would develop a disciplined life for their future.