Mohanlal and Mammootty
Mohanlal and Mammootty slammed for reinstating Dileep into AMMA.Facebook

The decision to reinstate actor Dileep as a member of the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes has met with severe criticism from the national media and public. Superstar Mohanlal, who is the new president of the guild, along with Mammootty has been criticised for endorsing the guild's stand.

Netizens have slammed Mohanlal for lifting the suspension of Dileep from the organisation as he has been accused of being involved in a molestation case, and is yet to be given a clean chit by the court.

People are of the opinion that it sends out a wrong message to the public that the guild is with the accused and does not care about the safety of the working women in the film industry.

Furious netizens are questioning Mohanlal the need for bringing Dileep back to the guild in a hurry when the matter is still in the court. Whereas Mammootty is attacked for silently endorsing the AMMA's move to reinstate the accused as a member of the guild. The two stars' on-screen projections of standing up for the women are being mocked.

Rima Kallingal, Geethu Mohandas, and Remya Nambeesan have garnered praise for resigning from the AMMA in protest against the decision.

Dileep was expelled under a lot of pressure after his name surfaced in the Malayalam actress' assault case in 2017. He has been accused of masterminding the incident in which the actress was abducted and molested in a moving car.

Here, we bring you a few comments posted on Twitter:

Aman Manzur: They dont deserve any respect. #Amma is nothing but a bunch of mysoginstic bigots inlcludung #Mammotty & #Mohanlal. Shame on you!

Vinod K. Jose: It is shameful of you @Mohanlal @mammukka, et al, the doyens of Malayalam film industry that you have no room for the demands of women actors. Can i conclude Malayalam movie renaissance was not because of you stars, but inspite of you, for the script writers & directors mostly.

Maneesh Velu: #Dileep returns to #AMMA, where are our heroes now? Stand up for women only on screen for money it seems, impotent otherwise.

Reji John: Proud of the bold decision by @GeethuMohandas @Remya_Nambeesan @rimakallingal & #Bhavana to quit #AMMA More power to you&all support. @Mohanlal @mammukka shame on you. If you've any self respect left on you,be bold &support these women & make #AMMA mean what it supposed to mean. 

Nikhil Jayakrishnan: Harvey Weinstein was born on the wrong side of the world. If only he were in India, where he would have enjoyed absolute impunity. #AMMA

Jameshubert: when Dileep is waiting for the judgment .. how on earth mohanlal can reinstate him into the fold..
#AMMA is fueding ????

cafekanyakumari: What message does it send out to all those who commit crimes against women by reinstating #Dileep back in #AMMA . People will lose respect to you and your association Sir ,@Mohanlal