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Ace actor Mohanlal is spreading his wings in to more sectors. The actor, who has immortalised many song sequences with his performances, has also sung songs for his movies. Now, the actor is all set with his new music band named 'Lalisom'.

The band was launched during a media fair on Tuesday at JT Pac, Cochin and the first show will be held in February 2015. The band's first performance will involve nearly 40 hit songs of Mohanlal movies using hologram technology.

A hologram is a visual technique, which gives three dimensional images using laser, interference, diffraction, light intensity recording and suitable illumination of the recording.

An average 'Lalisom' performance would be two hours long and Mohanlal will also join the band for their performances all over the world. The tag line of this band is "The Lal Effect".

"This band will feature the travelogue of my 36 years of film career through my film songs. I think I am a blessed actor to be part some of the hit Malayalam songs and I thank everyone who were the reason for giving me these opportunities," said Mohanlal while launching the band.

"The show will not be a mere musical show where singers come, sing and go but will also reflect the philosophies of my life, a journey through my movies and significance of the songs in the movies. All these concepts are well intervened and is a product of hard work of many. Crew from abroad are also coming to shoot the hologram, directors Priyadarshan and Rajeev Kumar are also helping me in the project," the actor added.

The actor also said that the show will amaze everyone with various gadgets, special effects and lighting. The concept of 'Lalisom' was introduced to the actor by popular music director Ratheesh Vega, who is also part of the band.

Ratheesh, who composed 'Lalisom' added that the show will bring back some good memories. He also said that the show will not have a lot of orchestration, but will have some BGM's and that the Intros will go with the feel of the song's era.

'Lalisom' will be produced and marketed by JT Pac and Mohanlal will remain as the lead singer along with Ratheesh, Kichu, Abhishek, Brice, Nikhil Vinu and Ankit.