The Supreme Court of India passed a landmark judgement on Tuesday, putting an end to the practice where a Muslim man could divorce a wife by saying 'talaq' three times. The apex court said it is unconstitutional.

The decision was received by applauds from people of different walks of life including Bollywood persons and politicians alike.

Similarly, India cricketer Mohammad Kaif also supported the verdict of the Supreme Court, posting his view on the matter as well. He tweeted, 'Welcome decision by Supreme Court to declare #TripleTalaq unconstitutional. Will give Muslim women security. Gender justice is much needed'

But his positive statement on the matter did not go down well with a few sections of the society and Kaif was subsequently trolled. There were some people on Twitter who replied to his tweet, with some claiming that he should not write such things and some even went to the extent of claiming he may soon be labelled as a RSS supporter too.

Such kind of trolling is nothing new for Kaif. The cricketer was also trolled late last month when he posted a picture of himself and his son playing chess on Facebook. He was told via trolls that playing Chess was against Islam.

However, Kaif delivered a hook shot to the trollers, explaining via his posts as how the sport of chess is a beautiful game.

Mohammad Kaif, India cricket, Facebook, triple talaq
Mohammad Kaif.DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/AFP/Getty Images

That is not the end of it. Kaif, earlier, had also faced Twitterati's ire when he shared photos of him performing Surya Namaskar.

Here are some of the tweets, which took a dig at Kaif: