Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Teachers' Day Address
Schools have decided to evaluate students based on Narendra Modi's Teachers' Day speech.Reuters File

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's live address on Teacher's Day has apparently brought along a host of troubles for Delhi students with the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses refusing to ply on Friday evening.

As if that wasn't enough, a few schools have gone ahead and declared tests based on Modi's speech. The schools in the national capital region have opted for stricter measures to ensure that students attend Modi's live interaction, some have made attendance for the day compulsory while some have decided to impose fine on those who do not come to school.

With a step ahead of others, Bal Bharti Public School in Noida has issued a notice to parents of all its students informing that the school would include questions based on Modi's Teachers' Day speech in the "Summative-I Examination" to be conducted from 6 September.

"...For Class 3 to 12, the key points of the Prime Minister's address are to be noted and learnt, for the school to evaluate the same during Summative-I," the notice posted on Twitter said.

DPS Noida Principal Kamini Bhasin has issued similar notice asking parents to ensure their children watch the speech as the school would conduct a test on it.

"We have anticipated what the PM's speech will be about and prepared a questionnaire. Students will be required to fill it in. Though we have not made attendance mandatory, we have told parents to make sure their children watch the speech," Hindustan Times quoted Bhasin.

DTC's refusal to ply buses for school students after the speech is over at 5 in the evening has added to students' discomforts. DTC buses pick and drop at least 1,000 students from around 95 schools, as they are denying to do so in the evening, schools have reportedly asked the parents to pick up their children.

"We will provide buses in the morning but 5pm is peak office hour. The general public will be inconvenienced if we divert buses to schools," DTC spokesperson said.