Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a 60,000-strong Indian diaspora at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London on Friday.

He was joined on stage by his British counterpart David Cameron as well as other top dignitaries.

The event that also have a cultural show featuring some of the best British-Indian artistes. The performers included 55 singers and 270 dancers.

PM Modi's address was followed by fireworks.

Live updates on PM Modi's address at London's Wembley Stadium:

12:40pm: PM Modi's address was followed by fireworks.

12:35pm: PM Narendra Modi greets the crowd at Wembley Stadium

12:26pm: PM Modi receives a standing ovation at Wembley.

12:20pm: Bond between India and UK is such that all you need to do is turn your watch 180 degrees and know the time there: PM

12:17pm: PM Modi announces direct flight from London to Ahmedabad from 15 December 2015.

12:08pm: India is much better than what you see on TV screens: PM Modi.

11:58pm: India can lead the world in the arena of harbouring solar energy.

11:53pm: Will realise dream of clean India by 2019.

11:49pm: We want to balance the two FDIs: Foreign Direct Investment and First Develop India: PM Modi

11:42pm: When I stood at the Red Fort and talked about cleanliness, people raised their eyebrows: PM Modi

11:35pm: World sees India as a land of opportunities. And we will make sure that our nation is shoulder to shoulder with the World: PM Modi

11:25pm: Diversity is India's pride, it is our speciality and our strength: PM Modi

11:13pm: There is no reason for India to remain poor, we harbor poverty for no reason: PM

11:11pm: When I came here 12 years ago I was a CM, today I am among you with a new responsibility: PM Modi.

11:09pm: I was told London will be cold, but your warm welcome makes me feel at home: PM Modi

11:06pm: PM Modi said "acche din aane wale hain", I say "acche din zaroor aaiyega", says UK PM Cameron

11:05pm: We know what needs to happen, India with a permanent seat with the UNSC: PM David Cameron

11:04pm: Won't be long before there is a British Indian Prime Minister in Downing Street, says Cameron.

10:57pm: David Cameron says 'Kem Cho Wembly'

10:52pm: PM Modi with UK PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron.

10:28pm: Navin Kundra performs at Wembley.

10:23pm: The London Philharmonic Orchestra perform at London's Wembley Stadium

10:17pm: PM Modi reaches Wembley Stadium, will address the crowd shortly.

9:40pm: Jay Sean performs at Wembley Stadium.

9:32pm: Medley of Punjabi dhol, Maharashtrian dhol Tasha and pipe band rocks Wembley.

9:24pm: Alisha Chinai performs "Made in India" song.

9:06pm: Unity in Diversity

9:02pm: Eight Indian classical dances being performed by artistes from 10 academies.

8:58pm: Yoga Practitioners perform at Wembley Stadium.

8:53pm: London Eye and Wembley shines in orange, white and green to welcome Modi.

8:48pm: Shaimak Dance Group perfrom at the event.

8:11pm: "Baby Doll" singer Kanika Kapoor sings at Wembley Stadium.

8:03pm: Jay Sean and Sona Relle to perform.

8pm: Artistes dancing to "Jai Ho" song from "Slumdog Millionaire".

7:50pm: Cultural programmes underway at Wembley Stadium.