Some members of the Patel community and a Sikh activist group protested outside the United Nations headquarters in New York during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech on Friday. 

Around 200 members of the Sikhs for Justice group, which is demanding a referendum in Punjab for a separate State of Khalistan, protested outside the UN building at the time of Modi's speech during the Sustainable Development summit.

Several members of the Patidar community from Gujarat, Modi's home State, also protested at the venue against alleged police atrocities against Patel youths who are demanding reservations in government jobs and academic institutions.

The Patidar members protested despite appeals from Patel groups in the US to not raise the issue on foreign soil.

The Patel community's protest in the US were said to have been called off earlier this week before the Indian PM's arrival in New York.

However, members sporting slogans of the Sardar Patel Group that is spearheading the movement carried out a protest at the UN, though in small numbers, according to the Press Trust of India.

On the other hand, many members of the Patel community held a welcome rally for the Indian PM.