Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit the United Arab Emirates on 16 and 17 August, making him the first in his office to do so in three decades. 

Indira Gandhi was the last Indian Prime Minister to visit the UAE in 1981. 

Understandably, the Indian diaspora in the UAE are eagerly awaiting Modi's visit, and has planned a grand event for the Indian Prime Minister. 

A mega event has been planned for Modi to address the Indian community in Dubai at the Dubai Cricket Association (DCA) Stadium on 17 August, with about 50,000 people expected to attend the event, local media reported. 

The Indian Community Welfare Committee has even launched a website for NaMo in Dubai ( to get registrations for the event. Registrations are compulsory to attend Modi's reception, organisers have said.

K Kumar, convenor of the Indian Community Welfare Committee, explained to Gulf News how Indians in Dubai can register to see Modi live during his address. 

People need to log on to, fill in all their details and click register. They will receive a confirmation and then they need to take a print-out of the registration page with them along with a valid photo identification card to participate in the event. This is important so that we get an idea of the numbers and also on account of the security arrangements," he said. 

To make the process clearer, these are the steps you need to follow to register - 

  • Log on to
  • Fill in details.
  • Register and wait for confirmation.
  • Take print-out of registration page.
  • Carry it with you along with a photo ID at the event.

The group has also created a Facebook page, which interested Indians can check for details. 

While Modi is visiting the UAE to discuss trade and security issues and seek investments in infrastructure and aviation, he will address the Indian diaspora as he has during his visits to other countries such as the United States, Australia and China. 

There are nearly 2.6 million Indians in the UAE who have been awaiting the visit of an Indian Prime Minister for decades. 

Modi's proposed visit is said to have already brought together Indians of all faiths living in the Gulf nation to accord him a spectacular welcome. 

"This news has brought together thousands of Indians from different walks of life — members of a variety of Indian associations for the Sikhs, the Bohri Muslims, the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre, the Jains — have volunteered to participate in the organisational work," BR Shetty, chairman of NMC Health Care, told Gulf News.