As the newly-elected Members of Parliament (MP) of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party began their orientation training at Surajkund on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi instructed them to focus on their work, stay away from corruption and maintain a good image of the government.

The two-day orientation programme for the BJP MPs was inaugurated by Modi, while senior BJP leaders such as LK Advani, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj were also slated to share their inputs. Jaitley is expected to train the MPs on their duties as Members of Parliament, Swaraj is expected to groom them in etiquettes, and Power Minister Piyush Goyal will give them social media gyan, as per the latest news reports.

Around 180 first-time MPs from the party will be attending the two-day programme, as reported by Zee News. Modi told the MPs that he too, like them, was a first-time MP, learning from his seniors.

The instructions Modi gave to his MPs, include to maintain caution while speaking to the media, and to keep a good conduct inside and outside the Parliament.

Here is a list of pointers Modi gave the 'MPs classroom' in Surajkund on Saturday, compiled from various news reports:

  • "Don't' speak to the media like spokespersons of the party. Instead, raise issues of your constituencies with them."
  • "Keep up the good image of the government among the people."
  • "Maintain good conduct inside the Parliament as well as outside."
  • "Focus more on your work instead of engaging in blame game."
  • "Stay away from corruption and dynasty politics."
  • "Now that we have won the general elections, focus on winning the Legislative Assembly elections."
  • "Prepare a roadmap for the next six months."
  • "Refrain from giving the Opposition any chance to malign the government."
  • "We are no longer in the Opposition. So we have to change our mindsets. We have a far bigger responsibility of taking the government's message to the grassroots and highlighting its programmes."

Apart from Modi, Singh also instructed the MPs, asking them to observe orderly conduct in the Parliament.

Over the next two days, party members in the Parliament will learn about putting forth good questions in the Parliament, raising public issues during the Zero Hour debates, and improving their attendance in the Parliament. The programme is expected to conclude on Sunday evening, with Advani's final address to the MPs.