Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi during his two-day visit to Kathmandu Nepal.Reuters File

Strengthening relationship with the neighbor, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that India is willing to review the 1950 Indo-Nepal friendship treaty and amend it to suit the present situation of both the nations.

The announcement was made in a joint statement, released on Monday, concluding Modi's two day visit to Nepal. 

"Both sides agreed that the revised treaty should better reflect the current realities and aim to further consolidate and expand the multifaceted and deep rooted relationships in a forward looking manner."

The treaty, which allows citizens of either country to move and transport goods freely, has long been despised by several Nepalese government and by the country's Maoists party.

Although, the treaty allowed Nepalese citizens to avail equal rights in India, many saw it as a threat to its sovereignty and forced Indian influence in the nation. The treaty has also been found to be in favor of India, due to which the neighbouring country has called for its amendment several times in the past.

Their demands were addressed by previous Indian governments, but it never evolved beyond talks. However, Modi has promised to address all their issues so that the treaty could be updated soon, hence stabilizing India-Nepal bilateral relations.

"India wants Nepal to give suggestions so that the issue can be settled once and for all. Prime Minister Modi said we should settle issues like friends," PTI quoted External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin.

Terror threat at India-Nepal Border to be solved as well

The nations also addressed the border issues and decided to solve it permanently so that the terror threat that both the nations have been facing due to open border is solved forever.

Modi and his counterpart Sushil Koirala are said to have directed the concerned authorities of either countries to make sure that "the open border, a unique feature of Nepal-India bilateral relations, is not misused by unscrupulous elements posing security threats to either side," according to Financial Express.

They have also agreed upon forming Boundary Working Group, which would carry out construction, restoration and repair works of boundary pillars and look after technical aspects of the security concerns.