Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a two-day visit to Kerala, on Tuesday flayed the Congress, saying the party has chosen a "Disrupt, Destruct and Demolish" policy, said reports.

PM Modi was recalling President Pranab Mukherjee's recent speech, where he said Debate, Dissent and Decision are the three D's through which Parliament functions.

In reference to Congress citing Mukherjee's remarks on intolerance, Modi said the party, which has been quoting the President every now and then, has "eaten the 3 Ds."

"They like only one D which is destruct - -that is disrupt, destruct, demolish. They have only this D. They have forgotten President's three Ds," PTI quoted the PM as saying, ""Our path is the 3 Ds shown by the President and the 4th D for us is development."

Modi's remark comes after the Congress has been continuously disrupting the Parliament function in the ongoing Winter session.

He added that the Congress is unable to reconcile itself to the defeat in Lok Sabha elections.

"They have made a joke of Parliament's functioning," said Modi. "Those who have been defeated and sent home are saying now that we have been destroyed we will destroy you (ruling side) too, whatever happens to the country. We will not let Parliament run."

PM Modi was speaking at the statue unveiling of former Kerala CM R Sankar organised by the SNDP on Tuesday in Kollam district of Kerala.

The event had become an object of debate in the Parliament on Monday as SNDP chief Vellappally Natesan, who had invited Chief Minister Oommen Chandy earlier, later asked him not to come.

In protest of alleged saffronisation of the unveiling ceremony, the former CM's son Mohan Sankar said his family will stay away from the event as BJP was allegedly attempting to make his Gandhian father an RSS man.