In a bid to avoid hoarding of earned leaves of its employees at the time of their retirement, the central government has directed that they should avail at least 20 such leaves every year.

The central government has said that the move was initiated to ensure a proper work-leisure ethic among is employees which will ensure their good health, Business Standard reported.

The central government employees currently avail huge paid/earned leave benefits in addition to their 10 days of casual leave per year and other notified holidays. However, a common practice among the employees is of accumulating the paid leaves and cashing them at the end of their employment period. It has accounted for a huge chunk of the budget allocated by the central government towards the employee allowances.

To do away with this practice, the central government now wants its employees to use a minimum of 20 paid leaves every year, which will only leave 10 leaves from each year that could be claimed at the time of retirement.

Currently, the total number of earned leaves, if left unused summed up to 300 at the time of retirement. 

The government-run banks have already kickstarted the practice and have asked their employees to avail a block of 10 days leave to avoid their accumulation.

According to a TimesJobs survey, work-related stress affects 80 per cent of the employees in India, triggering a host of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and more dangerous diseases in the long term.

The long work hours coupled with not so employee friendly environment at workplaces is among the reasons contributing to poor health of the workforce.