Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a rousing reception by thousands of Indians at Dubai Cricket Association (DCA) Stadium on Monday.

Modi became the first Indian PM to visit the United Arab Emirates in 34 years with his visit to Abu Dhabi on Sunday. The last such visit was by former prime minister, late Indira Gandhi, in 1981.

In Dubai, during his speech to nearly 50,000 Indians, Modi talked tough on terror, taking digs at Pakistan's soft stance on the issue, and also announced UAE's plan to invest Rs 4.5 lakh crore in India.

Get highlights from Modi's speech at the Dubai cricket ground below -  

Modi in Dubai: 


  • Modi ended his one-hour-ten-minute speech promising his government's support to Indians across the world. 


  • When I came to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, I realised that that you have complaints related to the embassy and the consulate. The Indian government has created an online platform called 'Madad', which Indians across the world can use to take your talk forward."We have also launched an 'e-migrate' portal for NRIs to register complaints and seek help." 
  • Indian PM Modi speaks of his government's schemes. 


  • SAARC nations have decided that we will put a satellite in space in 2016, the benefits of which will be shared between us free of cost. 


  • Modi refers to India's improved relations with neighbours Sri Lanka, Maldives and Afghanistan.  


  • "Today, the government in Delhi is seen everywhere." 


  • Modi refers to the Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh."The India Bangladesh order dispute ended this August. We had got indepdnence in 1947, but so many of our brothers and sisters got the opportunity to taste the freedom of India on 1 August this month". 


  • Modi brings up the Naga peace pact that his government signed with the Naga insurgent group NSCN-IM. "Only dialogue can bring a resolution to violence and terror". 


  • Modi talks tough on terror. There can no more be a distinction between 'Good Taliban' and 'Bad Taliban', says Indian PM. 


  • "I am telling the world to 'Make in India'". 


  • "Today when a world leader shakes hands with Modi, they don't see Modi but 1.25 billion Indians, the fast-growing economy". 


  • Modi refers to India-UAE joint statement. "We have decided to walk with each other in the fight against terror". 


  • Modi makes discreet reference to Pakistan, says India and UAE have decided to fight terror. 


  • The crown prince has promised to invest Rs 4.5 lakh crore in India, says Modi referring to the joint statement between India and UAE.


  • India, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have created strong foundations of trust that will last for generations, says the Indian PM. 


  • "The decision of the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to give land for a temple is extraordinary. You all should congratulate him for it," Modi tells the Indians in Dubai. 


  • I will never forget the respect and love given to me by the leaders of UAE, says Modi.
    "This love and respect is not for one person, but for India and its new image."


  • More than 700 flights arrive here from India every week. But an Indian Prime Minister took 34 years to come to UAE.  


  • Modi refers to the Malayalis in Dubai on Kerala's new year. 


  • Modi speaks of the sanctions imposed on India when it first conducted its first nuclear test. At that time, PM Vajpayee had called on support from Indians everywhere. And responding to Atal ji's call, the role played by those working in the Gulf was exemplary."


  • "Today, Dubai is not only a mini-India, but a mini-world." 


  • "If it rains in India, you open umbrellas here. If there is a calamity in India, you in Dubai cannot sleep peacefully," Modi tells the NRIs in Dubai. 


  •  "You are have been working here for years to earn a living, but are have never fallen behind in taking India's pride ahead," Modi tells the Indian expats in Dubai. 



  • PM Modi is on his way to the Dubai cricket stadium. The crowd is heard chanting 'Marhaba Namo'.


  • Indian PM Modi is set to soon address the Indian community gathered in thousands at the stadium. 





  • Indians gathered at the Dubai Cricket Stadium as cultural programme begins. 



  • India, UAE, release joint statement on trade, fighting terror, as well as cooperation in areas such as nuclear energy. You can read the full statement through the link given in the official tweet below. 




  • Thusands of people have gathered at the Dubai Cricket Stadium ahead of Modi's speech, the Khaleej Times reported. 



  • Consul General of India in Dubai Anurag Bhushan said that as many as 70,000 Indians have registered for the event, though the capacity of the venue is less than half the figure. Thousands are expected to reach the stadium ahead of Modi's speech.
  • Modi is likely to bring up the topic of safety and welfare of Indian workers in the UAE during his speech, Reuters reported. 
  • While the Dubai cricket stadium has a capacity for 30,000 people, nearly 15,000 people will be accommodated outside, where they can watch the address on large screens. 
  • 35 international artistes will perform at the event before Modi's speech, Emirates 24/7 News reported. 
  • "Gates of the stadium will be closed as soon as it is filled to capacity," the 'Marhaba Namo' organisers have said in a statement.
  • The cultural programme will begin at about 6.30 pm, and Modi will begin his address at 8 pm local time.
  • The Dubai Cricket Stadium will be opened to registered individuals at 3 pm local time.