Modern Family
Modern Family will be back on 25 March.Facebook/ Modern Family

ABC's "Modern Family" is going on yet another hiatus after Season 6 Episode 19 "Grill, Interrupted", which aired on 1 April. With the season left with mere five more episodes for the Season 6 finale, the network is yet to confirm whether the sitcom would be renewed for another season.

If recent ratings and audience feedbacks for "Modern Family" are any indication, ABC would be foolish not to renew it. According to Renew Cancel TV, the last episode aired by "Modern Family", titled, "Grill Interrupted" was viewed by 9.33 million viewers in the US.

In fact, critics also found that Season 6 has sort of become a revival of the show and what it used to be in the initial seasons. The show's writing, which had started losing lustre, was brought back in the latest season.

Although it must be wishful thinking on the part of the fans, there have been rumours that Season 7 of "Modern Family" will be released in September 2015. Although it has not been confirmed or denied by the network, it is safe to assume that the series would be back for at least another season, considering its consistent popularity among viewers and successful presence at award shows like the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Emmy's and Golden Globe Awards.