"Modern Family" has been on a break since season 7 episode 11 "Spread Your Wings" was aired on Wednesday, 13 January. The trend will continue this week too as the show is not expected to air season 7 episode 12 titled "Thunk in the Trunk" until Wednesday, 17 February.

In the previous episode, the Dunphys, especially the parents, learned the importance of letting go. While Phil (Ty Burrell) had a hard time trying to get Alex (Ariel Winter) to listen to him, Claire (Julie Bowen) realised that the reason her husband kept the annoying ducks in the house was because they reminded him of their children.

In the end, however, Phil decided to let the ducks find their way in the open nature and gave Alex one more shot at finding her place at Caltech campus. While the ducks may not return, Claire reminds Phil that their daughter will always come back to them.

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In the upcoming episode, the Dunphys will face more challenges when Claire's work demands too much of Phil. Tina Arning, the hilarious actress who is best known as Angelina in "Everybody Loves Raymond", will share screen space with Phil and Claire in "Thunk in the Trunk".

It is understood that Claire's new career challenge will cause a rift between her and husband Phil and also that Arning will play the role of Tanya, the trophy wife of one of Claire's colleagues. It is safe to assume that Claire will start treating Phil like a trophy husband to get on with the "boys" of the closet world.

The official synopsis for season 7 episode 11 of "Modern Family" is not out yet. However, it looks like Andy (Adam Devine) and Haley (Sarah Hyland) story-line will take a backseat in the coming episode, which will focus more on Claire and Phil.