Modern Family
Phil does not seem to be amused with Claire's insane asylum.ABC/Modern Family

Alongside Halloween celebration, the viewers can take a trip to an insane asylum wherein they can find the Dunphys in their psyche ward costumes in "Modern Family" season 6 episode 6 titled "Halloween 3: AwesomeLand".

The recently released trailer of the upcoming episode of the popular American sitcom shows Claire (Julie Bowen) trying to convince her family about the creative idea of insane asylum for this Halloween. But Phil (Ty Burrell) and kids do not seem to be amused by Claire's idea.

The one-minute, 40-second-long promotional clip begins with Alex (Ariel Winter) asking Claire about the need for portraying her teenage daughter as a psyche patient. And Claire tries to convince her by saying, "If we win, it is."

Meanwhile, Luke (Nolan Gould) falls asleep and when Claire wakes him up, he complains to her about his bloody straitjacket Halloween costume.

On the other hand, Haley (Sarah Hyland) makes some sexy alteration in her costume and convinces Claire by saying, "Sexy people go crazy too, you know."

However, Phil wants to have some fun at "Awesomeland" but Claire plans to make him the doctor of the Insane Asylum.

Seeing her husband in a different costume, Claire asks him, "Phil, you are not even going to try on your doctor costume?" and Phil replies, "Nope".

"But we are going to win. Doesn't that make you happy," Claire tries to convince him. But he replies, "Do I look happy? Do you have got a problem lady?" and the two gradually gets into an argument. Finally, Phil says, "I'm having a Halloween that I wanted."

Meanwhile, the new neighbours of the Dunphy Family enter the scene and complain about the insane asylum.

To know more about Dunphys' insane asylum, watch "Modern Family" season 6 episode 6 at 8 pm, Wednesday night on ABC.

Apart from the insane asylum, the audience can also watch Gloria as Princess Fiona, Jay as Prince and Cameron in a Spiderman costume in "Halloween 3: AwesomeLand ". 

 "Modern Family" season 6 episode 6 will be live streamed on ABC.