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Will Phil Succeed in Hiding the Truth?Facebook/Modern Family

Once again, "Modern Family" will take the viewers to the honeymoon trip of Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) when the sitcom returns on ABC with its next episode titled "The Cold".

In a recently released promotional clip, the Dunphy's blame the newly married couple for the horrible cold that has plagued the family. Though Claire (Julie Bowen) accuses Mitch, Jay (Ed O'Neill) claims that it is Cam who brought the terrible cold.

The one-minute-19-second-long video begins with Claire treating her illness with DayQuil and a little bit of last night's wine. She says, "My stupid brother got a cold in Mexico on his honeymoon and it made its way to the family."

But Mitch claims that he "never gets sick," admitting, "I must have got a chill on the beach when my socks got wet."

As per Jay, it is Cam who brought "two weeks of bronchitis" from Mexico.

On the other hand, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and Manny (Rico Rodriguez) explains about the difficulties they had to face during "The Cold". While Manny reveals that he missed two days of his culinary camp, Gloria says that she had to force herself to wear flats as she "was feeling too dizzy for high heels".

Meanwhile, Phil (Ty Burrell) finds out that he is the real source for "The Cold" through Mitch and Cam's wedding video. He will try to edit the clip to hide the truth from the rest of the family, according to ABC.

"Phil is putting together Mitch and Cam's wedding video for a special family screening, but when the footage reveals that he is responsible for a horrible cold that has plagued the family, he must do some creative editing," reads the official synopsis of "Modern Family" season 6 episode 3, "Jay and Gloria have different ways of helping Manny cope with the stresses of high school football, while coach Cam struggles between whether or not to bench him. And, Mitchell gets strangely competitive with Lily's new friend, Sydney, who is clearly a genius."

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