Modern Family
Modern Family Season 6.Facebook/ Modern Family

With ABC set to air season 6 episode 19 of "Modern Family", titled "Grill Interrupted", on Wednesday, 1 April, audience might expect some pranks as it is April Fool's Day.

It's Jay's birthday and everyone has their own plans of making it special for him. Phil decides to gift him an outdoor grill to have a barbecue party on his birthday. More than Jay, it's Phil who is interested to operate the high-tech grill and make it the perfect party. But the grill backfires on Phil as it goes haywire and the party ends with food all over Jay's house.

Jay's birthday gets Claire and Mitch thinking about the perfect gift for their father and they come up with an amazing idea. They decide to return him the money they owed him for some time thinking that Jay would turn it down as he is their dad. But things go in a wrong direction as Jay takes them up on their offer putting Claire and Mitch in a tight spot.

Birthdays are occasions to get drunk but Gloria is very strict with her ideals that children should not drink. So when Manny and Luke think that they can use this occasion to down some glasses, Gloria has other plans for them to teach them a good lesson on alcoholism.

Meanwhile, after learning that Andy's girlfriend was no imaginary girl, Haley tries to brush aside her feelings for him. In order to do that, she gets a doctor boyfriend to Jay's party, much to everyone's surprise putting Andy in quite an uncomfortable place.

To catch all this action, watch Season 6 episode 19 of "Modern Family", titled "Grill Interrupted", at 9.00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 1 April, on ABC.