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Modern Family will be back on 25 March.Facebook/ Modern Family

This April Fools' Day, laugh your heart out with Modern Families season 6 episode 19 "Grill Interrupted" where everyone is celebrating Jay's birthday.

The recently released promo of the upcoming episode of the sitcom tells that "It's an April birthday with a foolish gift" because Phil gifts Jay a new and shiny automated grill for his birthday. More than Jay, it is Phil who wants to show off the new machine. But guess what, it's April Fools' Day! And the grill is in no mood to behave and no amount of caution from Phil can help salvage the situation.

Claire and Mitch decide to surprise their father by gifting him some money that they owed him for a long time. But Jay makes a fool out of them when he get serious and take them up on their offer. So both of them start looking for any good ideas to actually give Jay the money, when Cam saves the day with a "bad" good news.

After discovering that Andy has a "real' girlfriend, Haley decides to move on and introduces to all her new "doctor" boyfriend. As much as everyone is surprised , Andy is shocked to see this and is put in a very awkward position. But is Haley serious about this guy or is it just another joke for Andy?

Meanwhile Gloria decides that parties are no excuse for young boys to drink to their hearts pleasure, so when she finds out that Manny and Luke have decided to drink at Jay's party, she decides to teach them both a lesson.

To watch the live streaming of all the fun tune into the latest episode of Modern Family, Season 6, Episode 19 "Grill Interrupted' here.

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