Sofia Hayat
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Model-turned-nun Sofia Hayat calls herself Mother Sofia or Gaia Sofia, but her revealing pictures and videos on Instagram have been raising eyebrows. The actress has now shared some more pictures and clips wearing a bikini from a photoshoot.

Sofia is seen promoting her upcoming movie Six X inside a swimming pool along with two other male models and the photographer. Sofia had earlier shocked everyone by doing a nude photoshoot after cricketer Rohit Sharma played a brilliant innings. And now, she has come up with another sizzling photoshoot.

Sofia's new bikini pictures are likely to garner some more criticism as she claims herself to have chosen the path of spirituality. Earlier, Rakhi Sawant had taken a dig at Sofia for posting such photos on Instagram following which the latter shared another picture and in the caption she said that she at least wears more clothes than Baba Ramdev.

She had asserted that a woman's body is a sacred creation and her criticisers should clean their own mind. Nevertheless, having claimed herself to be a nun and then doing bikini photoshoots and featuring in an erotic film titled Six X, criticisms are bound to arise.

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