Model David Koch
Model David KochPR Handout

It's been five years, since David Koch sat in Frankfurt a der Zeil, had a coffee and was approached by a fashion agent. He has a great face and a great body, ideal for modeling. She complimented the Marburg. If she is allowed to take pictures with her mobile phone? If she could have his phone number?

Sure, it could just be a rapprochement. "In two weeks is Fashion Week in Paris, that could barely fit," said the stranger and left. David Koch did not take that seriously. A week later, however, the woman answered.

Actually, David Koch from Marburg had no plan at all. Life left him alone and how to spend his time after school. Two weeks later, he rushed from one appointment to another, was viewed by hundreds and photographed a thousand times.

David Koch was 19, when he got his first appointment in the modeling agency. He took his mother and waved off on a five-year contract. But she felt that her son should not commit too long and three years were enough. A week later, David Koch was in Paris with the ticket in his hand and was stressed.

Fashion Week. The models walk from one office to another on a very tight schedule, from one designer to the next: Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton. They present their folders, walk a few more steps, perhaps put on a piece of clothing as a rehearsal and will be on the spot for the next fashion show, often a few hours later, booked or not.

"These are open castings, anyone can go there," says Koch, 400, 500 models are standing there in line. It is best to go early or late - "in the middle, you go under".

David Koch is 1.87 meters tall and weighs 75 pounds. "I can eat as much as I want and I do not gain weight," says Koch. To look good is important. But at least as important is that you are good in front of the camera, that you make offers to the photographer, that you can work with your face, with facial expressions and gestures.

He can pose just in the iced coffee and you can ask yourself the question: Is that really the good looking guy from the catwalk with the distinctive cheekbones and the male charisma? If you notice him behind the latte macchiato at all, there he sits inconspicuously and modestly in the crowd between chattering 15-year-olds and pensioner couples.

But once the camera is pointed at him, you can see it: it's him, David Koch, who has thousands of fans on Facebook, who adore the viewers of the world's biggest and most important fashion shows, who wore the most expensive garments of the most famous designers and the many women simply pull down from the catwalk, drag them down and take them home and marry.