Robin Chopra

Changing consumer lifestyles means more time in front of our screens. While at an optical store you can find glasses that protect eyes from blue light, and laptops today come with anti-glare screens, not much is said about the effect this might have on skin. But let's understand what this is all about.

Sun, all our screens (mobiles, tablets, laptops), and even indoor lighting, all emit blue light or also known as HEV – High Energy Visible Light. And while, for the longest time we have known about the effects of UVA and UVB, new researches are beginning to point towards the effects blue light may have on skin, including, moisture loss, free radical production and even pigmentation.

Robin Chopra, the founder at Detoxie, explains this a little better,
"60% people today, spend an average of more than 6 hours on the screen. And we need to start understanding what this might mean in the longer run. One week of the 6hr daily average in front of a computer might mean almost 20-25 mins of unprotected mid-day exposure to sun, and while the biggest source of blue light is still the sun and not our devices, the screen time adds up very fast and we're known not to think about sun protection when indoors. This needs to start changing. Scientifically speaking, Blue light has a wavelength of 380-500nm whereas UVA & UVB wavelengths are typically 315-400nm & 280-315nm respectively, which means that blue light does penetrate in the skin, though unlike UVB, the effects might not be visible immediately"

Increased screen times are also being linked to higher stress levels and inflammation amongst other things and it's about time we start finding products readily available on shelves that help us negate the effects of blue light on our skin.

Detoxie, recently launched the first blue defense serum with 5% vitamin C. "We want to make products that are actually needed to support our fast paced urban lifestyles. The serum apart from other potent ingredients has Liposhield HEV, an ingredient, designed to protect skin from damaging HEV light, which also won first place at innovation zone, best ingredient award, at in-cosmetics, Milan. This serum not only protects against blue light, but also pollution, which is at the core of our brand ethos" adds Robin