Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Android 4.1.2 XXMB2 Jelly Bean firmware is available for Galaxy Ace 2.Samsung

The Mobile World Congress which kicks off in Barcelona Monday is set to showcase the big picks from the tech and mobile world - one of them being the TV Discovery service by Samsung, a global leader in technology.

TV Discovery is a feature which allows content to be played from upcoming Samsung mobile devices, a Smart TV, or both. This makes it simpler for the users to enjoy content browsing and live video in a faster and easier manner, whether at the comfort of home or whilst on the move.

The entire process is made easy for access through unification of real-time information and data available through multiple sources, including traditional TV, online content providers like YouTube and other sites that host video-on-demand elements.

Major features of this service include the ability to act as a universal remote control aiding connection to all major devices such as satellite, home stereos, cable, Blu-Ray players and DVD, eliminating the need for individual controls. Personalised recommendations present enhance the ability to search across diverse content providers.

The services also has features like comprehensive search which allows the user to locate TV shows, movies and other videos from popular multiple devices via a single search. The cross-sharing experience allows one to channel content from a tablet or a smart phone to the TV and vice versa.  Another attractive attribute of TV Discovery is the ability to share the content you are watching, with your family and friends, making this service socially appealing as well.

"More and more people are starting to expect the same experience from each and every screen they own - whether it's their Smartphone and tablet, TV or camera. TV Discovery is bringing that demand ever closer to becoming a reality, by giving our customers the opportunity to search for and enjoy their favourite TV shows or the latest films wherever they are, whether that's on the commute into work or sat in their living room," said Simon Stanford, Vice President of IM division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

The Samsung TV Discovery service will be launched in the first quarter of 2013, initially in the UK, on the entire range of Samsung SMART TVs, and in the second quarter of 2013 in the UK on upcoming mobile devices.