Mobile phones filthier than toilet seats
Mobile phone has more bacteria and germs than a toilet seat.Reuters/Daniel Munoz

Next time you keep your mobile phone on your ears, beware of germs on it!

A study has found out that the mobile phones have more bacteria and germs than toilet seats.

Shocked! Wait before you are traumatized by the research result take a note of this too. Researchers at the University of Arizona revealed that the phones are never cleaned or wiped even after the use of same phones by different people. Phones are often passed between people and thus allowing the swamping of germs on it.

"When somebody lets someone else use their mobile their bacteria easily get on to the device too," Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, told The Daily Mail.

During his ongoing experiments, he has found out that it is easy for germs and bugs to get on to mobile phones as they are close to our mouth and hands. The test also revealed that mobile phones have 10 times the amount of germs and pathogens than a toilet seat which can cause nausea and stomach upsets.

Since mobiles are electronic gadgets, some people are reluctant or more or less not bother to clean it.

“Since mobiles are electronic items some people are reluctant about cleaning them. Phones are just not part of our cleaning routine whereas we should think about giving them a wipe with an antibacterial substance every now and then,” The Daily Mail quoted Gerba as saying.

And more surprisingly, it is not only in the case of mobiles, researchers have previously found out that many other electronics product which we think are clean are dirtier than the toilet. Disgusting. Isn't it?

The computer keyboards and the hand exercise machine of the modern world is five times dirtier than the lavatory seat.