The new season of VH1's reality show, "Mob Wives" has a new entrant to its cast. Model Brittany Fogarty has been signed on in a drama that consists of feuds, gossip and some mind-numbing entertainment. 

In a recent interview, the model revealed that her entry was largely based on her family's history with crime. "I was born into a family of crime," she said, adding that her father was quite close to fellow cast member, Karen's father, Sammie the Bull.

Brittany also confirmed that filming for the new season of "Mob Wives" is underway, but did not reveal when Season 6 would air. 

The VH1 reality show, which often pits cast members against each other and consists of two camps, will continue with this storyline in Season 6 as well. 

When asked if she would support Karen or Drita, Brittany said that she wouldn't be able to comment on it. Nevertheless, she said that she's a big fan of Drita. 

"I love Drita. She's great. The one thing about Drita that I noticed after going back and watched past seasons is that she is exactly the same on camera as she is off.. There is no fakeness, no phoniness," she told Fashion and Style.

Brittany also said that Season 6 of "Mob Wives" would capture different shades of her personality. Although she does embrace a certain cheerfulness, the model said that she has a temper. "I am quick witted and quick with my mouth," she said. 

Watch the trailer for "Mob Wives" Season 6 here: