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It seems that some major changes will be happening in Mob's life in the upcoming episode, titled, "Discord ~To Become One~" of popular anime series "Mob Psycho 100," as in an unexpected turn of events, he will exit his favourite club and will join another one.

To watch what makes Mob change his mind and leave his previous club in the upcoming episode, CLICK HERE.

In the previous episode titled "An Invitation to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to be Popular~," after several members left and with no new joining, the "Telepathy Club" at Mob's school came to a verge of getting disbanded.

Having no other options, the remaining members tried to convince the other students to join the club. However, when the plan didn't work, they forcibly took Mob to the leader of Telepathy Club, Kurata.

Kurata tried to persuade Mob, but Mob was in no mood to listen to him and refused straightforwardly any prospect of joining the club back. Tired of convincing Mob, Kurata called Reigen and tried to explain to him the importance of Mob in the club.

Much to the disappointment of Kurata, Reigen refused too and told Mob to focus on his current job. Afterwards, Reigen contacted Mob and gave him a task of exorcising a spirit at a private all-girls high school. However, Reigen decided to accompany Mob on the mission too.

Once in the school, both Mob and Reigen decided to cross-dress in order to execute the plan without being detected. However, the plan didn't go as they were expecting as Reigen was stopped by the security, but Mob succeeded in entering the school.

The moment Mob stepped inside, he was led to the ghost of a dead schoolboy by Reigen's clients who happened to be two schoolgirls. The ghost was haunting the girls' basketball practice on the campus.

After a lot of struggle, Mob finally succeeded in capturing the ghost and brought it back with him. However, he was determined not to return to the Telepathy Club ever again and much to the shock of Reigen, decided to join the Bodybuilding Club.