Moaid M Abbadi
Moaid M Abbadi

A person comes to be prosperous not by what he accomplishes for himself, but also for the society as a whole. Less amount of people are there who believe in charity and one of them is Moaid M Abbadi.

Moaid M Abbadi is a 38-year-old fellow from Tampa, Florida who is an entrepreneur, influencer and 8 years being a sergeant in the army.He is also known as Mike egyptian. His passion for cars is portrayed by the endeavor he does he equips cars of one's selection by making it available for them. His work is adequate to define him but what makes him an admirable personality is his social responsibility that he is pulling off. He is a man who strongly believes in charity and did the same open-heartedly. He is best known for his great service apart from this his influential persona segregates him and made him a commendable one.

He made himself the man of achievement by influencing others. His lifestyle illustrates how to linger elevated with emerging technologies that can boost him in his business. He is not a guy who will be ceased at any obstacle in his life as he surmises in giving rise to a distinct technique to his business and his life.
Moaid M Abbadi is an author for an amazon kindle book "Mike Egyptian 2020 Edition- Secrets to opening a successful used car dealership". For that, we wish him good luck for his future.

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