MMA referee hurt by fighter
Photo for representationMark Kolbe/Getty Images

Combat sport, especially Mixed Martial Arts has often produced some ruthless encounters. The fighters are expected to be brutal and spill some blood before the winner is determined in the ring.

A referee's job though is to make sure the fighters don't go overboard. The adjudicator's role is crucial when it comes to submission moves during a bout. What happens when a referee fails to do his job?

A German MMA encounter had the answer, albeit an unfortunate one, which witnessed one of the fighters breaching the code of conduct.

At the main event of Aggrelin 19, a German MMA promotion, a referee was pummeled by the loser in the bout, who was subjected to a rear naked choke. Wilhelm Ott signalled his submission after Nihad Nasufovic used the dangerous move.

Ott was struggling to break free and was expecting the referee to break the two fighters apart. However, the referee kept watching Ott suffer at the hands of Nasufovic as he failed to stop the fight on time.

A furious Ott then pushed the referee to the wall of the cage and threw a barrage of punches at the latter before the organisers pulled them apart.

Aggrelin also posted the video on their Facebook page with a warning to its followers: "Please don't imitate."

Check out the video here