Boston Red Sox
Boston Red SoxReuters

Boston Red Sox are now just one win away from retruning to the World Series after five years.

Detroit Tigers were the favourites going into the ALCS, but Boston is proving to be a tough nut to crack. The crowd at Detroit started getting restless as it looks like the Tigers will miss out on the World Series again this year. The Tigers have spent heavily on stars and anything short of a Championship will be regarded as a failure. Last year, they lost to San Francisco Giants in the World Series.

For Boston, a win at Fenway Park on Saturday will mean they will go into the World Series for the first time in six years. Clay Buchholz will face Mark Scherzer with a chance to finish the series on Saturday.

"No excuses. Been good games, and so far they got the best of it.We have to win one game, that's obvious," Tigers' manager Jim Leyland said after the match. "Win one game and take it from there." However, he agreed that it would be tough to win against the Red Sox at Boston. "They're pretty good there, obviously," he said.

For the Red Sox, Mike Napoli opened the scoring and Junichi Tazawa got the better of Miguel Cabrera when it mattered. Boston have now won two out of the three games at Detroit and have to win only one of the two home games to make it to the World series.

The last time they made to the World Series, they won their second championship in four years. However, after that success, they are yet to reach the World Series in what has been a disappointing five-year period for them.