For fans of the ABC drama series, season 3 was an absolute delight. Even skeptics agree that Calista's (Jennifer Esposito) introduction to the plot lent it a complex character. Admittedly, fans of "Mistresses" want to see more of Joss (Jes Macallan), Karen (Yunjin Kim) and April (Rochelle Aytes), and they are waiting with bated breath for an official confirmation of the renewal of show.

In lieu of the announcement, executive producers Rina Mimoun and KJ Steinberg said in an interview that they have their plot chalked out for season 4 and see each of their characters heading in a certain direction.

Nevertheless, the question that begs to be asked is this: What will happen to Karen and her baby?

In season 3, the psychologist has a threesome with her friend Vivian (Sonja Bennett) and her husband Alec (Ed Quinn) and she finds herself pregnant after the episode. The extremely sick Vivian is positive and empathetic to Karen's news but her husband is not.

Towards the end of the season, Vivian dies, leaving an emotional Karen and Alec behind. In the last few scenes of season 3 finale, Karen breaks down alone in her car and there is no sign of Alec.

Given that Karen sought comfort and camaraderie from Vivian in the early stages of her pregnancy, who can the psychologist rely on?

Mimoun and Steinberg hinted that Alec and Karen have a chance at co-parenting and might even enter into a relationship, but it doesn't seem likely that it will be long term.

Steinberg said, "They have a deliciously flawed [relationship] one. Vivian was what made them work. Karen and Alex had an animal attraction, but the spiritual connection was definitely fostered by Vivian. But now they're going to be inextricably linked by a baby. How are they going to deal with that?"

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