After months of predicting whether or not the ABC drama series "Mistresses" will be renewed, here's an official confirmation. The network has given the green signal for season 4. Although the news is a relief for fans of the series, executive producers dropped a few major hints that their show might indeed be renewed.

In an interview, executive producers Rina Mimoun and K.J. Steinberg said "Mistresses" might not be "dead in the water" and added that there has been some interest in the show, reported TV Line

In all probability, season 4's cast might just remain the same with the exception of Calisa (Jennifer Esposito). Deadline reported that the actress was signed on for a one year contract only, and will appear in "The Affair." Steinberg added that Calista, who suffered a personal tragedy in season 3 will most probably hang herself.

So what storylines await the other characters on the show? In particular, how will Joss (Jes Macallan) and Harry's (Brett Tucker) relationship shape up?

The plot in season 4 will test Joss and Harry's love, as he accepts a Food Network travel show alongside celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito. Furthermore, Joss, who is just out of prison, will not get enough time to spend with her jet setting boyfriend.

Actress Jess Macallan revealed that her character will not give up on the relationship with Harry. She said, "He's been there for her, through all the jail stuff. But yeah, it's a lot. With the new job and travelling and sudden stardom — it ruins everything. So I can't imagine Harry and Joss are going to have an easy go at it," reported

"Mistresses" season 4 is most likely to be premiered in the summer of 2016.