In case you missed the dramatic end of season 3, we will paraphrase it for you: it ends with a cliff hanger. Well, the suspense surrounds Joss' fate, and whether or not she will be alive.

Fans of the show would remember that season 3 finale saw Joss undertake a journey to find Luca's killer. The cold blooded murderer is revealed to be Wilson, Calista's assistant, who was her lover at one point. When Wilson finds Joss, he points a gun to her head, and well, the closing credits rolled, leaving you, me and most people wondering if Joss will stay alive.

The definite answer to that question is, yes. Showrunners teased several plot points for season 4. So we make our case for "Mistresses'" renewal and list out reasons why the show should run for another season at least.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Season 3 did not have a cohesive ending. Some plots offered a clean, tightly knit end, while some others lives were left hanging. For example, we do not know what happens to Karen (Yunjin Kim). In season 3 finale, she bids a tearful goodbye to Vivian. However, Karen is still pregnant and will she raise the baby on her own, or will she fall in love with Alec?

Jess Macallan, who plays Josslyn Carver on the show told that she is indeed alive and has a future with Harry. Their awkward relationship will take a twist for the worse as Harry (Brett Tucker) accepts a Food Network reality show in season 4. Jess said, "With the new job and travelling and sudden stardom — it ruins everything. So I can't imagine Harry and Joss are going to have an easy go at it."

April (Rochelle Aytes) got her sweet, happy ending but what's next for her and boyfriend, Marc (Rob Mayes)? Will they get married? Showrunners K.J. Steinberg admitted that there is a lot of chemistry between April and her hot beau, but there is bound to be conflict, and a lot of "interesting stuff between them," TV Line quoted them as saying.

We will see a dead Calista on season 4 premiere. In the previous season, we see a very depressed Calista holding on to a rope in her cell, and we can predict safely that she commits suicide. Jennifer Esposito, who plays Calista on the show, had only a year's contract and she would not be returning to "Mistresses." K.J. Steinberg said that they would find another character to add to the foursome.

If Season 4 does get renewed, it promises an interesting plot, a new character to the cast, lots of drama and motherhood.

Let us know what you think will happen on "Mistresses" season 4.