Season 3 of the ABC drama show "Mistresses" has taken us through a tumultuous journey. If Joss (Jes Macallan) finds herself stuck in prison, April (Rochelle Aytes) falls in love with a man who clearly has drinking problems. If the narrative so far doesn't sound bleak enough for you, then Karen gets pregnant as a result of a threesome and is most likely to get entangled in the couple's life. Having said this, the latest episode of season 3 ignites a sparkle of hope, especially for some of our beloved cast.

In season 3 episode 12 titled "Resonable Doubt", Joss will confront the fact that she has to make a major decision.

"Despondent over her situation, Joss struggles with whether she should take a plea deal and what that would mean for a future with Harry."

In the promo for episode 12, Joss' lawyer tells her that the DA has given her a plea deal. All she needs to do is testify against Calista and admit she shot Luca. Her attorney further states that Joss could face a reduced sentence of 10 to 12 years if she accepts the DA's offer. However, he reveals that she could face life imprisonment if she continues to plead not guilty.

Joss's options are severely encumbering. If she pleads guilty, she would potentially lose the love of her life, Harry. On the other hand, if she sticks to her guns and says she is innocent but loses the case, she would be in prison forever. To be honest, we think it's time Joss changed her lawyer and ideally, Dom should make an entrance at this juncture.

Perhaps the hot lawyer could unravel the mystery surrounding Luca's death, as Calista tells Joss in the promo that both of them did not pull the trigger . 

While Joss copes with prison life, her friend Karen (Yunjin Kim) gets a revelation from Vivian. The psychologist is privy to information regarding Vivian's life-threatening disease and is asked not to talk about it to Alec (Ed Quinn). But we think things may not go as planned for Vivian.

So far, April has made the right choice by calling off her relationship with Brian. And we admit Marc (Rob Mayes) is so much more charming. Showrunners teased that romance between April and Marc will be explored in this season, but as "Mistresses" plots go, they will struggle to stay happy.

Tell us what you think about April and Marc's relationship.

"Mistresses" airs on Thursday, 27 August on ABC at 9pm. You can live stream the episode on ABCGO.