The women on the ABC drama series, "Mistresses" have encountered several problems throughout this season. Sadly, for fans of the show, "Mistresses" season 3 has come to an end, which means no more suspense-filled Thursdays. The finale, episode 12 titled "Goodbye Girl", depicts a reunion of sorts.

The preview clip for the latest episode depicts Josslyn's (Jes Macallan) freedom from prison and she catches up with confidantes, April (Rochelle Aytes) and Karen (Yunjin Kim). While Joss returns to normal life, April confronts her feelings towards Marc, and Karen is entangled in a bizarre relationship with Vivian and Alec.

In the season finale, we will find that Josslyn's freedom comes at a price. She embarks on a mission to resolve the Luca murder mystery, which will take her through a peculiar journey, and one that she isn't fully ready for.

Actress Jes Macallan, who plays Joss in the show, said the season finale's synopsis presents a gripping, chilling tale. "I think it's shocking. It's definitely dark. Even shooting it, it gave me chills," she told

Joss will also have to make some tough decisions about her future with Harry (Brett Tucker). But Macallan confirmed that at least in the near future, Harry and Joss will be together.

Other plot points of the season finale will include Karen's pregnancy from the threesome, and her troubled relationship with the married couple: Vivian and Alec. Karen rushes to the hospital to see Alec's sick wife, but this might indeed be the end of Vivian. Will the psychologist abort her baby, especially since Alec is quite unhelpful at the moment? Or will she raise her baby on her own?

The show's executive producers KJ Steinberg and Rina Mimoun said that season 3 will wrap up with several open endings. "It'll be a very tantalising ending. Again, some story arcs will be satisfied and somewhat closed, and some things will be very cliffhanger-y," Steinberg told TV Line.

Perhaps the open-ended plot of season 3 finale promises fans a season 4. While the producers did not comment on the future of the show, their approach to the finale leaves much to look forward to.

Season 4 definitely teases Joss and Harry's complicated love life, Karen's pregnancy and motherhood, and April's future with Marc.

"Mistresses" season 3 episode 12 "Goodbye Girl" airs on Thursday, 3 September at 9 pm on ABC. You can live stream the show on ABC GO.

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