Last week's episode of "Mistresses" explored so many storylines that it had us question the future of Joss, Karen and April. While April's seemingly casual and non-platonic lunch date took a different turn, Joss' hopes of an early exit from prison rose in episode 10, "What Will Happen."

In "What Will Happen", we saw April and Daniel were still compatible but April tells her ex that she doesn't see a future with him. Reason? April is still battling with trust issues.

The promo for Episode 11, "Guilt By Association", explores April's guilt about Daniel. As she confronts the fact that she has cheated on Blair, she has no one to turn to. To be honest, we hope that Daniel and April give their relationship another shot by the end of the season. Blair is only too controlling and if she decides to be with him, life could just take a turn for the worse.

Nevertheless, the lack of friends in April's life guides her to forge a loving relationship with her daughter, Lucy. And we think it's about time, since the mother-daughter relationship has been fractured long enough. Perhaps Lucy will help April make the choice between Daniel and Blair?

In other news, just when things seem to get better for Joss, they actually don't. "Daniel's mysterious tape turns out to be surveillance from the neighbor's camera, which proves to complicate matters for Calista," the synopsis states.

The footage reveals a car driving away from the crime scene and the person driving the car wears the same wedding ring as Calista. Even though the fashion designer denies her involvement, the cops are pretty sure she and Joss conspired Luca's murder.

The series could take on a very "Orange is the New Black" plot if Calista joins Joss in prison.

"Mistresses" will air on Thursday, 20 August at 9pm EDT on ABC.