Nearly 30 computers of high-ranking officials in agencies involved in the MH370 investigation were hacked into.
Experts say Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was deliberately flown off course towards Antarctica by someone in the cockpit.Reuters

Nearly a year after the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 mysteriously went missing, experts have said that the doomed airliner could have been deliberately flown off course towards Antarctica by someone in the cockpit.

Aviation disaster experts, analysing the event in a new documentary, have cited satellite data from the lost Boeing 777 as indicating that MH370 made three turns after the last radio call. The first turn was towards left, before two more turns took the plane west and south towards Antarctica.

Malcolm Brenner, a leading expert in aviation disasters said those turns "strongly suggest" that someone inside the cockpit deliberately flew the flight towards Antarctica, Mail Online reports.

"This accident has caught the attention of the world in a way I have not seen in a forty-year career in aviation," Brenner said. The claims are part of the a new National Geographic documentary that is set to be released next month where the team of experts led by Brenner will try and unravel the mystery surrounding the eerie disappearance of the wide-bodied jet in the wee hours of 8 March last year.

In the documentary, the search coordinators are also expected to make assertions that the missing plane will be found within next few months.

This comes despite the fact that the plane essentially remains 'missing' and there is nothing apart from the mysterious satellite 'pings' that suggests the plane could have crashed somewhere in southern Indian Ocean. Ten months after the search mission yielded no tangible results, Malaysia in late January declared that the Malaysia Airlines flight was lost in an "accident" and that all 239 people on board are "presumed dead."