UFO with Alien Head Protruding out Spotted on Google Earth Map (Representational Image)
UFO with Alien Head Protruding out Spotted on Google Earth Map (Representational Image)REUTERS/HANDOUT

The growing curiosity and mystery surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has now become a breeding ground for conspiracy theories, and the latest one doing the rounds in social media and internet claims the flight could have been abducted by alien entities.

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 Passengers Phone Ring but no one Answers

Frenzied public awaiting for an answer have resorted to the theory after bizarre details have emerged on how the flight simply vanished into thin air, without leaving any trace of what had happened.

"Since 1947 our Government has been lying to us about aliens. Everyone sees them, UFOs are everywhere, in every nation. They are a threat to our sovereignty as a nation and as a world," read an article in National Report, which has now been widely cited in the social media.

"Now a whole entire airplane has vanished into thin air."

Various aviation analysts have revealed that the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of the massive plane raises confusion. Perplexity has grown, as has frustration and curiosity, after it emerged that some family members who tried calling their loved ones who were in the plane heard the phone ringing, though no one answered them.

The flight has been presumed to have crashed off the Vietnamese coast on Saturday, after losing contact with the air traffic controllers off the eastern Malaysia coast.

Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 00:41am on Saturday (local time) and was due to arrive in Beijing at 06:30am (local time). Air traffic controllers reportedly lost contact at 01:30am.

As reports of a relative managing to make calls to one of the passengers spread, Malaysia Airlines repeatedly tried to call the same number but the call did not go through this time.

As no solid answers have been given by the authorities even days after the ill-fated flight mysteriously vanished, people are thinking of bizarre possibilities, such as an alien abduction.

Here are some people buzzing on Twitter with the conspiracy theory: