Missing 9
Park Chan-yeol as Lee Yeol in MBC crime thriller Missing 9.Twitter/MBC

Missing 9 will be back with episode 11 next Wednesday, February 22, at 10pm KST on MBC and it will focus on Seo Joon-oh and Ra Bong-hee's struggles to prove their innocence with the help of Lee Yeol and Hwang Jae-guk.

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In episode 10 of the crime thriller, the female lead tried her best to help Ha Ji-ah and Jung Ki-joon. But she failed to stand up to the Chinese fighters hired by Choi Tae-ho and Jang Do-pal.

After abducting them, the current president of Legend Entertainment requested Oh Jung-se's character to support the male antagonist. When he refused to do so, Kim Beop-rae 's character threatened to kill the actress. So the two of them had no other options than to betray their colleagues.

With supporting statements from four surviving witnesses, Head of the Special Investigation Commission Jo Hee-kyung happily submitted her report by framing the male protagonist as a killer. Although media asked her several questions regarding evidences and further clarification, she refused to answer them.

When Ra Bong-hee and prosecutor Yoon Tae-young were about to give up, the female lead received a call from an unknown person. So she headed to an isolated place to meet the person. Towards the end of the episode, it was revealed that Seo Joon-oh was the person who called her.

Episode 11 of the Koren mini-series will focus on the onsreen couple's fight for justice. The only people who can help them are Hwang Jae-guk and Lee Yeol.

While the former president of Legend Entertainment is under treatment after an accident, the solo artist is believed to have been killed by Tae-ho. However, the investigation team is yet to discover his body. It remains to be seen if the two of them will help the onscreen couple to prove their innocence. 

Watch Missing 9 episode 11 live online next Wednesday, February 22, at 10pm KST on MBC to know more about the survivors of the plane crash. Until then, catch up on the first 10 episodes online here.