Miss A's Min has a huge fanbase and she has driven them crazy after she posted a very sexy selfie, in which she is seen flaunting her perfect body in a hot pink bikini. The photo was posted by Min on her instagram account (@therealminn) on 24 August.

Min first posted the picture of her slender legs and petite hips, which has received more than 2,46,000 likes and about 200 comments. Some of the comments on the photo are, "How do you get a perfect body like that?", "Nice body ", "OMG" and so on.

Following this, she posted a selfie with pouty lips and some funky sunglasses, which also received over 2,75,000 likes and more than 220 comments. The comments on this photo ranged from "Hot ♡" to "So pretty ♥".

While Min is not the first K-pop celeb to post a bikini selfie, the angle of the image impressed many, with one fan commenting, "First time I've seen a K-pop celebrity taking a selfie like this."