Ever since the Season 3 finale of "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" June 26, 2015, fans have been demanding a new set of episodes. Unfortunately, ABC (Australia) is yet to confirm a premiere date for Season 4 despite renewing "The Doctor Blake Mysteries", "Jack Irish", "Rake", "Janet King", and "The Code" early in 2015.

Considering the huge popularity of the show, it is a no-brainer that Miss Fisher would return later this year, hopefully in the coming couple of months. It is safe to assume Season 4 of "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" will premiere before May 2016, considering that is when the previous seasons started airing.

Along with great popularity, the show also enjoyed critical acclaim, even winning the 2012 Screen Music Awards and Australian Production Design Guild Awards, 2013, and the 2014 AACTA Awards, Logie Awards and AACTA Awards.

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A lot of effort has gone into the costumes of the show, considering it is set in 1920s' Melbourne and revolves around a rich woman who loves dressing to the nines at all times. Marion Boyce, the costume designer for the show, also won the 2014 AACTA Award for Best Costume Design in Television.

"As soon as I put on Phryne's clothes, I can adopt Phryne poses and promenade, and make an entry, feel confident and audacious. They just make me feel so good that I get away with things I could never pull off in my everyday life," Essie Davis has said about playing Miss Fisher in the series.

Celebrating the fashion of Miss Fisher, the Old Government House, Parramatta, is putting up "The Miss Fisher's Costume Exhibition" from March 1 to June 19. It will feature the fabulous outfits worn by Essie Davis in the first three seasons of the show, along with clothes worn by Inspector Jack Robinson (Nathan Page) and Aunt Prudence (Miriam Margolyes).

Fans will be transported to the era while walking through different sets and trying on the replica costumes. They will also be able to interact with props from the show and try out furniture as they go deeper into Miss Fisher's world.

To book tickets for "The Miss Fisher's Costume Exhibition", visit their website.