Miss Earth
The final four contestants of Miss Earth 2016.Twitter/Miss Earth

Miss Colombia, Miss Brazil and Miss Venezuela are among the top four contestants of Miss Earth 2016, which was held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City of Philippines on Saturday, October 29.

While Colombian contestant Michelle Gomez, Brazilian participant Bruna Zanardo and Venezuelian delegate Stephanie De Zorzi are models by profession, Miss Eucador Katherine Espín is a cosmetologist. All of them have their on plans on creating environmental awareness and promoting their country.

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COLOMBIA Michelle Gomez

The 24-year-old psychology student wants to work on changing minds and transforming hearts for making Earth a better place to live. She believes that climate change is a problem that needs to be solved not only by governments and big companies, but also by every individual in person.

VENEZUELA Stephanie De Zorzi

The Aragua-based model plans to make urban cities clean with no litters by installing waste bins and creating awareness on recycling and reusing things. "Speak little and do more for our planet," she says.

BRAZIL Bruna Zanardo

The 24-year-old model wants to create awareness through environmental education projects to build a culture of sustainability. According to her, health and climate are inextricably linked because human health is directly dependent on the health of the planet.

ECUADOR Katherine Espín

The 23-year-old model cum cosmetologist believes that at the best age to spread awareness about protecting environment is during the growing years. She urges people across the globe to implement environmental education in schools to promote a positive climate change to the future generations.