Lydia Simonis
Mr Shaun Bonett & Ms Lydia Simonis meeting with HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace in 2019

Beauty is nothing if it isn't skin deep. Every year, we see hundreds of pageant winners across the globe, but very few of them use their influence and following to bring a positive change in the world around them. Reigning Miss Cook Islands, Lydia Simonis is one social media influencer and pageant winner who is the epitome of 'beauty with a purpose.'

Simonis has been Miss Cook Islands for the last 2 years not just because she's gorgeous, but also because she truly believes in giving back to her community. She has represented the Cook Islands at some of the biggest pageants in the world and even won further titles. She won the Miss Asia Pacific's Miss Photogenic, and Best in Talent in 2017; and Miss Pacific Islands' Miss Photogenic, and Miss Internet in 2018. Simonis also dazzled the ramp at Tahiti Fashion Week 2017 and 2018 as well as the Pacific Runway. Simonis was also the Ambassador at Cook Islands Cultural Fashion Show in Melbourne in 2018.

Along with these multiple titles at beauty pageants, Simonis has also been heavily involved in volunteer work. "Winning a pageant isn't just about a fancy title; it is a platform to make a positive change in the community," Simonis believes. She has conducted workshops on setting life goals and plans, relationships, and sex education at the Apii Enuamanu School in the Cook Islands. She is also the brand ambassador for Te Tika, a premium skincare brand which promotes healthy skin care and nourishment.

Ms Lydia Simonis is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust and had the honor of meeting His Royal Highness Prince Charles at the Prince's Trust annual dinner in 2019. The experience was incredibly motivating for her, which further strengthened her resolve to do more charitable works.

When Simonis is not busy volunteering and winning pageants, she engages with her followers on social media. With over 398k followers on Instagram alone, Simonis is giving the world a glimpse of her fabulous life. Scroll through her feed for some inspiration, exotic photoshoots, and vacation pictures that will give you some serious travel FOMO.

While Simonis is participating making the Cook Islands proud, she's also persuading young girls to follow their path. She's using her social media presence to motivate young women to do everything in their power to give back to society. With her constant efforts, Simonis is an inspiring figure for Generations Y and Z. If only the world had more women like Simonis, it would be beautiful in the real sense of the word!

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