If you are looking for some good fitness trackers in the market, Misfit has it. The renowned American brand that makes wearables and smart home devices, has launched three of its health and fitness trackers in India. The new bands, Misfit Shine, Misfit Flash and Misfit Link, join the growing range of wearables in India.

Misfit bands bring durability and lasting battery life in addition to tracking wearer's activity and sleep. These wearable devices are equipped with coin cell batteries, which can be replaced after they run out of juice. With one battery, the Misfit bands can run for as much as six months.

All three Misfit wearables can be paired with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices through respective apps. This will help users get a summary of their activities and more.

Misfit Link, the most affordable fitness tracker by the company, tracks the number of steps taken, sleep quality and duration, burned calories and more. In addition to the fitness tracking capabilities, the Link can also be used to snap photos remotely, change music tracks, change slides and even send a message.

Unlike other bands, which are to be worn on the wrist, Link can be clipped anywhere, on a belt, sleeve or pocket. The multifunctional Misfit Link is available in four colours exclusively on Snapdeal for Rs. 1,999.

Next in the offering is Misfit Flash, which is a fitness tracking band to track your daily workout and helps you achieve your goals. The tracker can also be used as a clip that goes anywhere on your sleeve, shoe or pocket. Powered by Bluetooth LE, the Misfit Flash syncs with companion app to relay the information. Users can store up to 30 days of fitness data on Flash.

The Misfit Flash is available in six colours exclusively on Snapdeal for Rs. 2,499.

Finally the most premium tracker, the Misfit Shine, is a full-metal activity and fitness tracking device that can measure steps, sleep, burned calories and more. The band also shows progress towards daily goals simply by double-tapping the face of the Shine. The wearable can also be customised with a luxe leather band and a polished necklace called Bloom.

Both Flash and Shine are water resistant that work under 30 metres and 50 metres of water, respectively.

Misfit Shine can be bought online via Snapdeal in eight different hues for Rs. 5,499.