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Mischa Barton has not been getting much appreciation for her dancing skills on season 22 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." She is not a favourite off the dance floor too, according to a Radar Online source, who claimed that Barton has been labelled rude by her fellow contestants.

"Mischa is just not coming off as a nice person," the insider revealed. "It is really quite unfortunate because when she first came on the show, members of the cast and crew said they were hoping that she was going to be the person that they used to love watching on TV. They were actually really excited to meet her," said the source.

However, their excitement did not last long, and according to the insider, Barton turned out to be the rudest celebrity "DWTS" crew had to work with in the history of the show. Reportedly, Barton has come across as a self-entitled and rude celebrity and she does not discriminate who she is rude to either.

It is not immediately known if there's any truth to these claims. But according to a People source, Barton's temperament is what's standing in the way of her making friends. "Mischa has never really been high-energy," said the insider. "She's introverted and quiet. She's very much like her O.C. character. She could be having the best time, but her demeanor doesn't really change."

It remains to be seen if the other "DWTS" contestants will have to tolerate Barton much longer, as her scores were dismal the first two weeks. Interestingly, Barton herself is the first to admit that her dancing isn't up to mark. Blogging for People, Barton said she was on the show to have fun. "I know I'm never going to be a professional ballroom dancer. So for me, this experience is about having as much fun as possible," she wrote.