As far as parkour-based games are involved, we don't think anybody has managed to recreate it in the image of the first Mirror's Edge. Sure, there have been some pretty neat titles like Dying Light, which give an entirely different experience of the whole parkour-based movement and combat, but we remain old-school and keep worshipping the first ever Mirror's Edge.

Fast forward to 2015, we are currently awaiting the next Mirror's Edge title in line, which is known as Mirror's Edge Catalyst. While the new Mirror's Edge is said to be a reboot of the original and not really a sequel, there are a host of new features and improvements that DICE have introduced to make it at par with the likes of Xbox One and PS4.

For the time being, we don't have much information about the game. Although we have already caught a glimpse of the title's gameplay, there's still a lot that remains to be said and found out about the game. So, until we get more information about the game, here's a look at all the rumours related to Mirror's Edge Catalyst that have been doing the rounds.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst – Rumours Roundup

  • As mentioned earlier, Mirror's Edge Catalyst isn't necessarily a sequel to the first game, but rather a reboot with extended and improved features that will offer a totally different experience from the last one. But, we expect the key components to be retained.
  • As of now, the game is being targeted for a February 2016 release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.
  • The previous E3 2013 teaser for the game is said to be entirely real-time and generally unscripted, including the combat mechanism. In fact, the build for the game in development is said to match the teaser both graphically and mechanically.
  • Since the new Mirror's Edge is set to be a reboot, the core goal of it is to create a living, breathing city in an open world for players to explore.
  • The game's open world environment is said to include a persistent 'always online' component, where the open world will be considered a 'multiplayer playground' where other players can seamlessly drop-in or out. And, they can freely choose their level of interaction with other players in the game world. For instance, it could be the same as PS4 exclusive Journey's online features.
  • Other multiplayer components in the game include co-op and competitive modes, including time trials.
  • There are new enemies, including some AI opponents that are equal to Faith in terms of moves and abilities, which are being planned. Additionally, there are the standard Protectors, melee combat expert Sentinels, aside the armoured gun brandishing Enforcers.
  • Faith will not carry a gun to fight her enemies, but will depend on her running and movement skills to evade enemies, apart from engaging in meaning fist-fights to get out of saucy situations.
  • As it seems, feedback from the first game's combat system is said to have helped shaped the second instalment of the game, which has been subjected to some heavy revisions. Stuff such as gun-play and one-button combat have been scrapped for a much deeper system that will emphasise on speed and fluidity.
  • Environment interaction is said to be a key feature in combat, with Faith being able to push, punch, and kick enemies out of the way, and even over ledges, tables, and railings.
  • But that's not all. These physics-driven interactions are said to have been combined with 1-2-3 punch and kick-style combos, wall running, flips, and other martial arts moves, aside brief grapples to stay in the game.
  • It has also been reported for Catalyst that from time to time, a third-person take-down move will be used when an enemy is defeated, and that 'adaptive slow motion' will be used carefully to highlight certain sequences.
  • Interestingly, Mirror's Edge Catalyst has been considered more of a racing game than anything, with the developing team focused on creating a game that's all about parkour, speed, fluidity, and mastery of the environment.
  • There are combat changes that are being made to flawlessly integrate encounters and the combat system into the mould of speed and mastering parkour.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: GameFAQs]