Two-Year-Old Turned into 'Full-Grown' Man in Seconds
Two-month-old turned into 'full-grown' man in seconds in Liberia (Representational Image)Reuters

A mother was shocked when she saw her two-month-old baby grew into a full-grown man in seconds in front of her eyes and ran into the bushes in Liberia.

Smith Freeman, the child, as identified by family members, was with his 16-year-old mother, Lorpu Kollie, on their way to the farm on Tuesday morning, according to Daily Observer.

Kollie told the reporter that her baby, whom she was carrying on her back, talked to her and asked her several times to put him down. Then she further said that Smith was apparently unhappy because of his grandmother who kept on insulting him.

"This was my first time seeing a two-month-old baby talking so clearly like a five-year-old child," said Kollie.

"The boy told me that he was going back home because my mother had threatened to bring incense into the house. He said the grandmother told him she had the power to drive away any witchcraft."

After Smith's transformation into a 'man' he then ran into the bushes, Kollie told Daily Observer.

When asked to Watson Freeman, child's father, he said that his son's disappearance was "incredible and mind-blowing."

The shocked mother said that "her boy did not have any scar or deformity on his body" that could convince the community people that he was somehow "belonging to dark world," Mirror reported.

Even Smith's grandfather, Jerome Kowan, said referred to the incident as "the handiwork of the dark world."